• Manuel Giron . Artist

Unexpected Dimension . Street Photography

The images of Manuel Giron, capture through various creative ways the optical diversity, the unique perspectives and the shades of special colours, are formed by adjacent and intertwined spaces.

These spaces are composed of lights and shadows, shapes and structures, horizontality and verticality. They are important examples of the development of vibrant and interesting world cities. They are at the same time, a precious documentation and a footprint of humankind on the planet.

What is very interesting and peculiar of Manuel’s artwork presented in this book, is the space prolongation of the lines, shadows, contours and shapes to infinity, including human figures.

The prolongation effects without tweaking the original images, form multiple perspectives by the designs and compositions of the architectural landscapes within the photo frames.

Those prolonged images captured by each snapshot, intersect with the eyes and the brain of each viewer. The effects and sensations produced by each photo, elicit a lasting impact in sensorial and metaphysical thoughts as well as introspective reflections on cities and civilisations.

Mario De Leon

University, Leeds, UK

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