• Manuel Giron . Artist

The Alhambra . New Photo Book

Photographing the jewel of the Nasrid kingdom is not easy, there are hundreds of details that the human eye does not perceive in the whole.

The Alhambra was a castle, a house of sultans and a city at the same time. His beautiful gardens and elaborate water fountains leave the visitor amazed by its freshness and originality. In the Alhambra, rooms, corridors and patios coexist in perfect harmony.

Built between the 13th and 14th centuries, it represents the splendour and power of the Nasrid dynasty. A place inhabited by history that from the outside looks like a fortress with smooth walls, has inside a sophisticated wealth of design and details of extraordinary exquisiteness.

The past and the present intersect in the red castle.

Photography is a visual medium of getting to know the world, it is not an intellectual resource like a book of literature. I don't usually explain or tell stories with my photographs, I prefer the observer to interpret each image. Let him discover for himself, and enjoy the pleasure of his own gaze.

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