• Manuel Giron . Artist

New York City . Unexpected Dimension


The series of Manuel Giron are visually beautiful and conceptually interesting. The photos talk about the complexity and organisation of visual structures and are about the nature of natural space. The way he frames his subjects deliberately crops out the adjacent chaos and visually sharp surrounding environment.

One of the things that is most interesting about his portfolio is the way that color design and color composition become primary subjects within the frame. For example, every single one of his photos is mysterious and could be seen purely through the lens of graphic designs. Also, color and shapes clearly are the main characters in his stories.

Part of the magic of these images is what he has chosen to include in the frame and all the elements in the surrounding environment he deliberately leaves out.

The photos are interesting because they blur the line between photography and graphic design. He talks about his photos as seeking to capture “through various creative ways the optical diversity, the unique perspectives and the shades of special colours, are formed by adjacent and intertwined space.” He reveals an unseen beauty hidden in urban scenes. Manuel Giron reveals his enhanced vision of what these spaces could be if only one had eyes to see.

LensCulture . Contemporary Photography

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