Out of Focus Reality 


The blur is a way of tying each image to each other image because creates a way in which colors can become part of the immediate surface of each image instead of residing in the depth of field. Using the blur is an excellent way to make the photos more complex.

The dividing line between abstraction and representation is important to this collection because there is an immediate reaction to the images.

This photographic serie made in various cities and places in Europe, America and Asia is characterised by the aesthetics and harmony of the image. In my artwork I am a romantic of the beauty in any form. I show you the fascinating cities of Zurich, New York, Barcelona, Guatemaya, Paris, London, Valencia, St. Gallen, Tokyo, etc.

El desenfoque es una forma de vincular cada imagen entre sí porque crea una forma en que los colores pueden convertirse en parte de la superficie inmediata de cada imagen en lugar de residir en la profundidad de campo. Usar el desenfoque es una excelente manera de hacer que las fotos sean más complejas.

La línea divisoria entre la abstracción y la representación es importante para esta colección porque hay una reacción inmediata a las imágenes.

 More info: www.manuelgiron.ch

Upside down reality


Mobile phones changed the world of photography. Now every person with a phone can take pictures without knowing anything about photography. There are millions of images around the world, many of them very good, and it is very difficult to say which one is the best. 


I did not study photography, I am a writer, painter and psychologist. I started with photography because since I was a child I have been fascinated by shadows. My photographic experience is completely digital, I am self-taught and I ignore everything about analog photography. 


I capture my images with various Nikon cameras and my photography is printed on bamboo fiber watercolor paper.

It is ecological paper of 290 grams and gives a two-dimensional effect.


I have 15 photography books printed on paper, 3 digital books on Apple iBook, and many international exhibitions, including 4 at the United Nations in Geneva.


The reality upside down has always been different,

it is another reality, 

a parallel reality.


This photographic series are reflections on the ceiling of the bus stop in the old port in Marseille.

More info: www.manuelgiron.ch