You never know what you're capable of until you try!

Charles Dickens

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I am a multidisciplinary artist within a creative ecosystem made up of photography, literature, painting, video, and music.

My musical compositions are intuitive and I create them in collaboration with artificial intelligence.

My artistic work has been developed in cities like Paris, Tokyo, London, New York, Zurich, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Milan, Barcelona, Geneva, Munich, Madrid, St. Gallen, Hamburg, Malaga, Basel, Valencia, Rome, Bern, Osaka, Bilbao, Kyoto, Berlin, Lugano, Amsterdam, Lucerne, Rotterdam, Locarno, Marseille, Lausanne.

New CD to enjoy!

Butterfly dream is composed of sensual and elegant music. A melodious jazz that invites you to enjoy the moment.

This new CD brings together a rich and colorful collection of smooth and lounge Jazz to enjoy anywhere. His intuitive creations beautify space and rejoice the soul.


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Paris night
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